The State of the World infographics

The maps and graphics in this collection have been created by Myriad Editions for The State of the World Atlas, The Atlas of Women in the World, The Atlas of Global Inequalities and The Atlas of Human Migration. We have recently added a series of graphics from the newly released third edition of The Atlas of Climate Change.
We will be adding to the collection from all the atlases in our award-winning State of the World Atlas series.

Low-resolution maps and graphics, without watermarks, are available to download at $1.00 each for non-commercial, educational or personal use e.g. in powerpoint presentations.
High resolution CMYK images of individual maps and graphics, suitable for commercial, promotional, print or online use, are available for download for $50 each.
For high resolution CMYK images of the complete visual essays with text, or for more information about customised images and maps and graphics from other Atlases in our State of the World Atlas series, please contact us.

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